Construction Trends: Using Recycled Parts

We are continuously monitoring the construction industry to get a look at the latest trends. And one of the more interesting trends that we have noticed is the concept of using recycled materials in construction projects. Why is this happening? Because homeowners and businesses are more conscious than ever regarding “green” projects. They care about the environment, while some want to deliver an impression to their customers that they are environmentally friendly. In either case, the result is that more construction projects are using recycled parts.

Recycled Tires in Asphalt Mixes

One of the more interesting trends we have seen is the use of recycled tires and other parts in asphalt mixes. You may wonder whether the recycled parts have a negative impact on the mix, but they do not. Asphalt paving contractors in Moorhead have noticed that by tweaking the other aspects of the mix, they can get the same or an even better result when they are using these recycled tires.

An interesting benefit to adding these tires to the mix is that the pavement is quieter. When cars are passing on top of that pavement, it does not make as much noise compared to asphalt mixes that have no tires in them!

Recycled Wood

We often hear about paper being recycled to create more paper. It has been going on for many years. If you ask most people, they have probably bought recycled paper at least one time. But did you know that wood is also recycled as part of construction project?

It is so easy to do as well. It is just a matter of repurposing the wood from other construction projects – or homes that are torn down. Instead of getting rid of that wood or burning it, the wood is recycled to be part of a new construction project! It is a complex process that does require a lot of work – but the results are extremely impressive!